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The facts help you guide your business to success, let them protect you from disaster.

Keys to Success

  1. Almost 1/3 of all business failures are caused by employee theft
  2. It costs between $7000 and $40,000 to replace an employee
  3. On-the-job violence costs employers $36 billion each year
  4. Evictions can cost landlords an average of 6 months rent
  5. Landlords may be fined on renters criminal activity taking place in their rental property


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Defender Series Our computerized search packages are customized by industry and further refined to meet your needs. They are fast, accurate, discreet, and cost effective, with access to billions of records through hundreds of thousands of databases in 50 states and 200 countries. They can even be performed by you or your representative on our state-of-the-art web search interface, saving you time when you need the facts fast.

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